Goldstrom Facts

Like Obama, has dreams from his father.
Juilliard Trained.
Veteran of the ‘New York theater.’
His short film Press or Say “2” appeared in over 30 international film festivals.
Lived in England but still supports the American Revolution.

Actor and Comedian Michael Goldstrom, “a tour de force that will leave you roaring” (Los Angeles Times), is the only Juilliard trained actor and comedian seen since Robin Williams. He’s been on Comedy Central, HBO, NBC, ABC, A&E, Reelzchannel, in films, on and off Broadway, in clubs from New York to Los Angeles, on Last Comic Standing, and he’s performed for over 15,000 people at Walt Disney Concert Hall with the LA Philharmonic and at Avery Fisher Hall with the New York Philharmonic. A graduate of the Juilliard School Drama Division and Columbia University he’s been called “amazing” (Los Angeles Times), “blisteringly funny” (LA Weekly), “impressive” (NY Daily News), “brilliant” (Times Delphic Online), “very funny” ( “masterful”, (Chautauquan Daily), “marvelously colorful” (Backstage West), and “absolutely magnificent” (LAstagescene). No money was exchanged for these comments.

Growing up in the wilds of San Francisco, Dallas and New York City, with a Romanian mother and libidinous father, Michael trancscends race and gender to bring an international yet uniquely American perspective to comedy. Morphing into different personalities from around the world, he passionately explores contemporary issues of love, identity, and technology creating “a truly engaging figure onstage.” (Hartford Courant).

Based in Los Angeles, he eats an exorbitant amount of chocolate, and has two television pilots and a feature film in development.

Goldstrom Facts II

-Performed at Walt Disney Concert Hall for 15,000 people.
-Considers himself ethnic yet caucasian – caucethnic

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Press Games

Match the quote with the source!

1. “a tour de force that will leave you roaring.” a. Los Angeles Times 2
2. “the amazing Michael Goldstrom.” b. Variety
3. “Michael Goldstrom is hilarious.” c. Michael’s sister
4. “superbly spot-on, marvelously colorful” d.
5. “the very funny Michael Goldstrom” e. Backstage West
6. “Goldstrom is brilliant… provides non-stop humor.” f. NY Daily News
7. “a truly engaging figure onstage.” g. Hartford Courant
8. “I think I’m related to him, we have the same neuroses.” h. Times Delphic Online
9. “the best comedic performance of the season.” i. Michael’s therapist
10. “impressive.” j. LA Weekly
11. “He expresses his ideas in a variety of accents.” k.
12. “Michael Goldstrom…is as close to humor as story strays” l.
13. “blisteringly funny.” m. Chautauquan Daily
14. “Masterful.” n. The Juilliard Journal
15. “absolutely magnificent.” o. Michael’s ex-girlfriend

Answer key: 1.a  2.a  3.k  4.e  5.d  6.h  7.g  8.c  9.l  10.f & o  11.n & i  12.b  13.j  14.m & o 15.l

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