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Acting Reel : Michael Goldstrom


In an SNL audition, Michael Goldstrom improvises a series of 15 characters. Edited clip from a single 45 minute session.


Stand-up : Michael Goldstrom


Michael Goldstrom plays Trader Johann and the Riders of Berk in DreamWorks Dragons 



TED X Michael Goldstrom

At first glance, this Julliard trained actor/comedian/writer may distract you with jokes, humor or non-sequiturs, but stay tuned, Goldstrom isn't kidding around when he speaks about opera. This art aficionado will demystify the language of opera so that you may understand it... or not. 

Alexandra Schenck, Singer Tali Tadmor, Accompanist


"Martial Arts" or "How to Self Defense"

Russian Street Fight Techniques by Michael Goldstrom 


Trailer for Dr. Fazni Ioan, Spirit Channeler

Written by Michael Goldstrom and Bryan Cogman


What do George Segal, Richard Benjamin, Michael Goldstrom and Ross Benjamin have to do with selling your home? 

Check out this 5 minute funny look inside the minds of Realtors and homeowners as they navigate the comic waters of what it's like to sell your home and see for yourself.


Tech support isn't what it used to be.

Press or Say '2' or Chinese Tech Support by Michael Goldstrom 


Hair Care Reform by Michael Goldstrom

Special Thanks to Chantal Claret, James Euringer, Chris Valenti. Shot at Rock Paper, Scissors, Venice, CA 


"Game of Thrones" audition with a cat by Michael Goldstrom 


Promotion for the Asian Film festival of Dallas written and directed by Michael Goldstrom

Mye Hoang, Jennifer Ikeda, Charles Borland


Approaching Union Square, Leonard

Based on stage Monologues, Approaching Union Square is a collage of eleven tales capturing thirty-something New Yorkers struggling to find love and connection in the big city. 


Michael Goldstrom